A project of passion, Children’s Treehouse of Holmen was built around the belief that ALL children deserve to grow in a warm, nurturing environment. Each child excels and shines with the loving support of family and adults at their side! We are so very privileged to be your partner in creating the BEST possible person your child can be!


Our Mission Statement

“Children’s Treehouse will operate under the understanding that children need to be treated with warmth and respect. The children served by Children’s Treehouse especially need experiences that will foster physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth. The atmosphere at Children’s Treehouse will be a caring environment to encourage independence, constructive problem solving, positive self-esteem, and improved self worth.”


Our Philosophy

“Here at Children’s Treehouse Preschool & Childcare we believe that each child is a worthy individual endowed with unique capabilities and talents. Our warm loving environment will give children a place that encourages learning, creativity, personal growth, and a fun environment where they will feel safe and secure. We will help the children build trust with the teachers who care for them, so they will feel secure in knowing that they are loved and wanted, and they will receive the appreciation, respect, and acceptance children strive for.”

“Our program is designed to prepare children ages six weeks to six years with the social and academic skills they need such as sharing, listening, letters, numbers, etc. We will enrich our classes with art, games, music, free play, and much more. All of our activities and equipment will be acceptable only at the highest level of safety. We have designed our activities to allow for plenty of physical movement, as well as healthy meals and snacks, along with a learning environment of sharing and playing together, where activities stimulate the mind. We will provide an atmosphere that is child-oriented, so children are able to develop at a pace meeting their individual needs. We will establish routines that children can cope with and understand. We ensure that infants receive individual feedings and attention, auditory and visual experiences, and most importantly a lot of cuddling with secure and warm relationships.”