Servings and Nutrition for Children at Children’s Treehouseinfant-page

Children’s Treehouse aims at providing each child with nutritious snacks and meals, while establishing good eating habits that nurture healthy development and promote life-long well-being.

Peanut and other nut allergies can become medical emergencies in a matter of minutes.  Children’s Treehouse is a ‘nut free environment’ and prohibits any nuts and/or food containing nuts to be brought into the center.

  • Meals and snacks include a variety of food groups including meat and meat alternatives, bread and grains, fruits, vegetables and dairy.
  • Meals and snacks include carbohydrates, proteins and fat to give children energy, while maintaining total calories within recommended serving sizes specific to a child’s age group. Please click on the link below to see the USDA recommended portion sizes.

  • Meals and snacks have limited added sugar and sodium and increased dietary fiber.

Allergens & Adaptations

If your child has a special nutritional need or requires an adaptation to our menu, we will work with your family to create a plan that adequately meets your child’s needs.


Sample Menus for Children’s Treehouse

Menus are grouped by week.  We rotate our menus each week for 4 weeks.


Menu Week 1   Menu Week 2   Menu Week 3   Menu Week 4