staff-1Our teachers undergo a thorough hiring process to ensure complete dedication in meeting the developmental and emotional needs of the children.  We uphold the highest standards for staff selection and have a centralized process to confirm professional references and criminal background screenings.  Each member of our staff meets the qualifications set by state laws and completes a full orientation program.

Our teachers help each child gain an understanding of self and others through positive guidance and interactions that fosters an atmosphere of kindness, personal respect, individuality, constructive support, and receptiveness. The teachers facilitate relations with each child to provide opportunities for development of self-worth, social competence, and academic growth.

Relationships develop through every interaction teachers have with a child from changing a diaper to reading a story; from eating lunch to playing ball. Every interaction molds the relationship that a teacher has with that child.





Our teachers:staff-2

  • Engage children in self-related activities
  • Are fully present and attentive
  • Communicate with more than just words
  • Understand that all developmental domains are interrelated
  • Show consideration and recognize the child’s interest and feelings
  • Are genuine; true to themselves and honest with others
  • Recognize learning opportunities, even from problems or mistakes
  • Are dependable and reliable
  • Enjoy the little things; preserve the moment