12 Months to 2 Yearstoddler-page

Our toddler program is designed around the understanding that at the age of 12 months, each toddler is now developing new ways to express their need to interact with parents, friends and teachers. Toddlers are encouraged to make independent choices, develop self-help skills and begin to solve problems. Using words is not always easy, so incorporating sign language in the classroom gives each child a voice.


The toddler’s classroom is set up in a “home-like” environment. It provides a spacious classroom, cubby and coat areas, and separate restroom for potty training ease.


Our “family team”, made of highly educated and qualified teachers, is certified in CPR & First Aide.


Children’s Treehouse knows how important it is to keep the parents involved in their child’s daily activities, development and milestones. That’s why we provide you with the following:

  • Parent-teacher conferences twice a year
  • The building of personal relationships with each family
  • Encouraging daily/weekly calls or emails from parents to our “family team” to support communication
  • Open door facility; we promote parent visits to the center at anytime to observe or participate in their child’s day.


Children’s Treehouse UTILIZES Remind & Himama communication application

Remind is a unique web based application that sends updates about the child care center to your smartphone, tablet, or computer throughout the day.

The child care center utilizes a daily communication app called Himama. Himama connects childcare programs to parents through digital communications such as face-to-face calls, real-time picture updates and digital daily reports. This app will help to inform you about what your child did while at the child care center from what they ate, how they slept, fun activities they did, and so much more!